Education unions
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Canada - British Columbia Teachers' Federation

Canada - Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Canada - The Manitoba Teachers' Society

Canada - National Union of the Canadian Association of University Teachers

Canada - Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association

Canada - Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

Caribbean - Caribbean Union of Teachers

Denmark - Danish Union of Teachers

Finland - Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals in Finland

Finland - Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers

Finland - Trade Union of Education in Finland

Finland - Union of Finnish University Professors

Ireland - Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland

Ireland - Irish Federation of University Teachers

Ireland - Irish National Teachers' Organisation

Ireland - Teachers Union of Ireland

Ireland - University and College Union

Japan - Japan Teachers Union (in English)

Japan - Japan Teachers Union (in Japanese)

Japan - The University Teachers' Union

New Zealand - Post Primary Teacher's Association / Te Wehengarua

New Zealand - Tertiary Education Union

South Africa - National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union

South Africa - South African Democratic Teachers' Union

Sweden - Swedish Teachers' Union

UK - This is a list of education trades unions. Note: the website for the Educational Institute of Scotland bills itself as the oldest teaching union in the world.

US - American Federation of School Administrators

US - American Federation of Teachers

US - California School Employees Association

US - California Teachers Association

US - National Education Association

US - New York State United Teachers

US - United Federation of Teachers

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