Setting Up Wikis
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The term wiki comes from the Hawaiian "wikiwiki", meaning "quick".

The following video describes how wikis can be used as a collaborative tool, without the redundancy involved in shuffling emails back and forth:

As with blogs, there are many wiki providers to choose from. Most offer a free basic service, but charge for wikis with more elaborate features. Entering "free wiki" into your search engine will locate many such services. Teaching Learning & Assessment is hosted by WikiDot (see video tutorials). Another well-known provider is PBWiki (see Demo).

Google_Sites is a structured wiki provided by Google. As with other products offered by Google there are videos to provide guidance, e.g.:

For other video guides to the creation and editing of wiki pages, just go to YouTube and enter the appropriate search terms, such as "Create wiki".

A very few wikis offer a WYSIWYG1 editor, but most use some basic syntax which currently allows for greater flexibility. For example, the first line on this page provides a hyperlink to the Wikipedia entry for "wiki". In the edit page this was achieved by typing "wikipedia:wiki" inside square brackets. Likewise, a simple widget provided by WikiDot enabled the creation of the comments area below; this simply involved typing "module Comments" inside two lots of square brackets. In general, guidance for creating and editing pages is provided by the host organisation, which includes a list of the syntax to be used.

A long list of providers is provided at WikiMatrix, which allows a side-by-side comparision of selected providers.

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