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For what it's worth, I have made use of Google's Blogger service. I began as a novice. This was really simple to use, and the only real problem I had was easily answered by posting a question to Blogger's help discussion boards. My own blogs are:

Judgment and Decision Making

Science and Reason

David Hardman (site administrator)

A note on Blogger by David K HardmanDavid K Hardman, 08 Mar 2009 12:28

As the site administrator of Teaching Learning & Assessment, I was a complete novice in Wiki use when I set up this site. I did find that there was a certain learning curve to go through. I initially had trouble working out how to link pages and modify menu items. This did take a bit of sweating over, and I began to doubt the testimonials of other WikiDot users about how easy it all is. However, once I'd figured it out it was mostly plain sailing thereafter. A large amount of structure and content was developed within three or four days of the site's creation.

As with anything worth doing, you need a bit of patience and the willingness to learn from your mistakes. In fact, mistakes are reversible because all the edits you make are listed, so you can revert to earlier versions.

David Hardman

The learning curve by David K HardmanDavid K Hardman, 08 Mar 2009 12:10
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