File Sharing And Social Networking
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Google documents

Blogs and wikis are one way in which people can engage in collaborative work. It is also possible for people to have shared online access to written documents, forms, presentation slides, and spreadsheets. Google Documents allows registered users to create these and to invite other people to access their documents, either as viewers or as users (i.e. having the facility to modify the document). Items can be uploaded, downloaded, or converted to Pdf format. The basics of Google Docs is explained in the following video:

In the following video educators talk about Google docs:

Conducting live polls in Google Docs:

photo sharing / image sharing

photo sharing / image sharing This Wikipedia entry includes a list of different photo sharing sites.

social bookmarking

Many articles on the internet can be "bookmarked", meaning that you can save the article to a central repository. In addition, you can allow others to look at your bookmarks. There are many bookmarking services; the following video describes the Delicious service.

social networking

Social networking sites are online communities of "people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others". Wikipedia also provides a list of sites.


Many educators and broadcasters are using YouTube to disseminate materials. A number of educational materials are listed below:

BBC Natural History

BBC Science and History

All the BBC Worldwide playlists

Duke University Fuqua School of Business

New Scientist

The Open University

Science Central

The TeacherTube Channel

Videos at YouTube can be emailed or embedded into other sites. Further information about YouTube, including its history, can be found at its Wikipedia entry.

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